Thursday, October 13, 2016


We had a conference at the church this weekend, which sort of takes up everything:  time, space, people.  It's a women's conference called Divine, so Daddy dressed up, as you can see above.

We found the Kylo Ren mask and haven't put it up yet.

No, I didn't wear this for the conference.  Anyway, today there was ballet for Madison after school.  Something is coming up for her:  a spelling bee.  We were practicing words in the car, and she's decided she'd like to try out for that.  It's not going as well as initially hoped, as some of these words are somewhat challenging.  It just requires practice, practice, practice!

Anyway, today was one of those days where there was a quite a bit of running around.  Daddy even ran around on stage today with a bit part during the conference.  I was holding an enormous floor fan to blow towards the lip synch competitors as they battled for supremacy.  That was fun, and the conference continues tomorrow and the next day, so we'll be occupied with that.

It'll be a nice weekend though.  We've got cooler weather and fall is here in full force now.  There are all of the usual seasonal activities upcoming, and with the more limited time, we're wanting to see where we can squeeze in pumpkin farms, hay mazes, and so forth.  We'll make time somewhere - there's a leaf trip that we want to do too, where we drive up to the mountains and see the changing colors.  Not so many changing colors right now - the mountains look pretty green.  That's because the weather only recently has started turning cooler.  It's actually not that cool, either.  It's been hot this year, no doubt.

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