Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beware the Spooky Gingerbread House!

Tonight, Mommy, Madison and Daddy worked on a spooky gingerbread house, our latest one for 2016.  We spent the length of time it takes to watch "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" working on the details of this house, and it actually turned out pretty good!  The crooked design of the house is intentional, as that was the mold for the thing.  There was a whole lot of icing and candy provided, so much that we had some leftover!

We were cracking up at the movie as we worked on the smaller details, and afterwards, we popped in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"  Yes, we're in full October mode now.

Earlier in the day, we had piano class.  Madison is doing well practicing her solo, "Silent Night," which now involves a pedal.  We have to order the pedal, but we'll have that soon enough.  So now it's not just using two different hands, and now she needs to use her foot too.  Yikes!  Here's Madison and the class, first experiencing pedal power for themselves:

It was Taco Tuesday too - so we certainly had all kinds of stuff going on this afternoon.  It was a full day for all of us, although in different directions.  Madison had PE at school, although they weren't outside.  Not sure why that was, since it was 85 degrees outside.  Record highs today, or at least the high tied the record that was set in the 1930s.  Evidently we had global warming back in the 1930s too. Anyway, it's hot outside.  So hot that we still actually have our air conditioning running and ceiling fans on.  Crazy, huh?

Tonight before bed, we finished "The Rat with a Human Face," which had a pretty significant cliffhanger ending.  The promise of the third book, just a few miles away at the library is looming.  We must get that tomorrow to find out what happens next.  Everyone got in trouble for a lot of good reasons - it's something we had a conversation about.  Madison, we said, if you want to see a rat with a human face, just let us know rather than sneaking off like that.  Without giving the details of the story away, we will say it was a good book that the three of us enjoyed reading before bed.  We finished it rather quickly, and now... we're off to bed.  Or at least Madison is.  Mommy and Daddy have an appointment with Ghost Rider...

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