Monday, October 10, 2016


Madison got to try some sarsaparilla tonight.  In fact, we all did.  Mommy and Daddy stopped at a Cracker Barrel this morning, after a visit to the dentist.  The good news was a clean bill of health for our teeth.  We were peckish, and hadn't eaten at a Cracker Barrel in some time, and so there we were.  On the way out, we did a bit of Christmas shopping, as you can't seem to escape that store without buying something that isn't related to food.  Mommy got herself a nice wrap, and we got a few little Christmas items that will be fun for later.  But we spotted some sarsaparilla there, which is one of those words you don't say the way it is written.  We say it "Sas-pa-rilla," which is probably how they should spell it.  Somebody should get that changed right away.  Get right on that, will you?

We had to wait for dinner tonight, which was late tonight as always on Mondays.  Today was so busy though. Madison was dancing with ballet and jazz, but then also cramming for a test on Indian culture.  There are six different Indian regions, and she was memorizing facts about Hopi, Pawnee, Inuit, Nez Perce, Seminole, and Kwakiutl.  The last group of Indians came up with that name just with the sole purpose of frustrating fourth graders all over the world.  Either that, or it is a really elaborate acronym.  If you're wondering about the Indians in the Northeast and the California region, so am I.  Anyway, these six we did study, and we studied furiously.  The Kwakiutl have potlatches, by the way.  This is a word Madison has learned, a feast these Indians have.  We figured it's also where we get the word "pot luck" from.  Madison hadn't heard the phrase "pot luck" before, so that didn't exactly help.

We were learning about a umiak, which is another great new word to learn.  It's right up there with the one I learned last week, velocipede.  The point here is that Mommy and Daddy are learning a lot too.

While Madison was dancing, Mommy and Daddy did the grocery shopping - and scored.  Yes, we have the trifecta:  Count Chocula, Booberry and Frankenberry.  And another big score was this:

Wensleydale Cheese!  This is the good stuff.  It's mixed with cranberry bits, and is actually really good. We're not as keen about it when the cheese is by itself.  But we do like it with cranberry mixed in.  Of course, the reason for getting excited about Wensleydale cheese is that it is featured on Wallace and Gromit.  Previously, Daddy had to order it from England to get some here.  Then we found some in "A Taste of Britain," an English-themed shop nearby.  But now, it's right here in Publix, with all kinds of other great cheeses.  As Wallace would say, "I'm just crackers about cheese!"

Madison was playing piano up until the last minute today, and between the dancing and playing and studying, it was a really full day.  Tonight before bed and before prayers, we read one more Washington Irving story.  This one was called "The Specter Bridegroom."  It was a simple enough story, but it made for some good reading before bed, particularly the subject matter this time in October.  She liked it very much.

Oh, and she liked the sarsaparilla too!

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