Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Daddy wore his cac-tie for this first time today - its a cowboy series we're in right now, so it sure as well works.  So do the cowboy boots and this old shirt Daddy has had for some time.  I love this shirt, but it's pretty loud and pretty western.  That said, I don't get to wear it too much - it's like wearing a Hawaiian shirt or something.

The cac-tie is something worn by Too Slim, a member of the great band Riders in the Sky.  You can see him to the left in this photo.

As described here in this blog, we've seen them a few times.  And if you look closely at the picture above, you can see how each of the band members has signed the cac-tie.  It's a great souvenir!

Anyway, we had a good service tonight where we were teaching the kids to be a fast draw with the scriptures.  The thing is, the kids didn't quite know how to use a Bible as much as we assumed they did.  When we were younger, it was pretty easy to find a scripture, but with personal devices and phones, many folks have simply put the books down.  This made the fast draw somewhat of a challenge, although we had some really quick kids that knew their Bibles pretty well.  This is now one of Daddy's goals for the fourth grade class this year:  learning the books of the Bible, where they are, and how to find scriptures.  Simple stuff for us back in the day, but apparently overlooked a bit now in favor of bottom lines and so forth.  The essence is taught on Sundays, messages and morales.  But we'll start focusing on the mechanics too, and that's something Daddy has to teach Madison a little as well.

Being a Wednesday, Daddy didn't get too much time with Madison and Mommy today.  But he did have dinner, and then we read a book together, one that Daddy got from the library.  It was about a zombie ballerina, which had a nice poem and nice artwork to it.

Cute story!  It is pretty similar, however, to the vampire ballerina story we read earlier.  I'm not sure if the two stories are related, but they do have the same theme about them.  Vampire ballerina, zombie ballerina… hmmmm… maybe we can next find a story about a werewolf ballerina, or a mummy ballerina?

It has been hot outside.  Not fall-like at all, and in fact near record temperatures.  Fortunately, there's a bit of cold weather coming this weekend, which is just in time for our pumpkin party.  We've been preparing for that, and hopefully things will cool down and be just right for that.  It's a highlight of the year, and we're all rather looking forward to that!

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