Monday, October 3, 2016

Poop Fountain

We're a good ways into "Poop Fountain," that first "QwikPick Papers" book we've been reading lately.  And Madison is really liking it a lot.  This just really cements Tom Angleberger as her favorite author, as tonight the three main protagonists of the story started their adventure on Christmas morning in search of a legendary poop fountain.  We're not quite sure what will happen next, and because of that, it's almost like a cliffhanger each night when Daddy closes the book and says, "It's late - we better stop reading here."

We had our immense dancing schedule today, as always, and in the meantime Daddy and Mommy were at the printers, going over the latest booklets for KidPak.  Things are moving along well enough, and it's just incredible that this has turned out as fast as it has.  Here we are with another new book series, and new messages and everything.  Yee-haw!

We were also shopping for new items for the display case, which I can't wait to show you.  It should turn out well.

Madison had a good day at school.  She's learning to round numbers up and down to the nearest hundredth place, or thousandth.  Or whatever.  She's also learning different Indian regions in the country.  She mentioned what the Navajo made their homes out of, and you can't help but think of that Pee-Wee Herman movie when you say this word:  "A-DOBE."

If you haven't seen the movie, then don't worry about it.

There wasn't much time between getting home and bedtime, but we did manage to do a miniature Rosh Hashanah celebration.  Mommy got some of the Jonagold apples out and gave us slices of those on a place with honey dripped over them.  It's a Rosh Hashanah tradition, along with the blowing of the shofar.

Daddy brought it downstairs, and Madison was anxious to try again.  This year, she did a whole lot better!  She blew it well, and so Daddy got the cell phone out to record her, and although it wasn't quite as strong, it was still pretty fun.  We shared that on social media, along with our wishes for everyone to have a happy Rosh Hashanah.  It's the new year, and hopefully we'll start seeing some positive changes at the start of things.  I don't know what all can or will happen.  I know there have been some rumblings, literally and in the political world.  It'll be an interesting year to say the least. But as we said our prayers tonight, we expressed our thanks.  We really have been blessed.  Mommy's eye is getting better despite a battle with some infection that started maybe Friday.  Daddy's tummy is better than it was, and by gum, we got that book done today.  It'll be a busy week this week, but we're grateful, and we all have a positive attitude.  Sometimes it helps to turn off the radio and be still.  And maybe that's my new year's resolution this time around... to be still.  Whatever yours may be... Happy Rosh Hashanah!  Shana Tova!

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