Monday, October 17, 2016

Vote for Count Chocula

Mondays are our long days, with Madison doing her dance-a-thon after school.  We've got homework to squeeze in on the car ride to and fro, plus some time to eat somewhere.  It's a busy sort of day.  Next week, the parents get to sit in on classes, as is our usual yearly custom.  One day a year, we get to see the progress Madison is making, so we'll be in class for that.  This time, however, we were off and shopping at various places, including a bit of groceries and pumpkins.

This morning, we did vote, so there was that.

Early voting started today, so we went to the Hampton Park Library to cast our vote.  It was a fairly simple ballot, compared to the primaries last spring.  Those primaries have so many candidates that stand for the same thing that you sort of have to look a lot more closely at the details, and then make a decision from there.  This takes a lot of time.

But that's the primaries though.  This is the general election, and the differences between candidates is quite a bit more stark.  Though one Senator is probably going to win the Georgia election, Daddy still didn't vote for him, but couldn't vote for the other candidate either.  So Daddy literally wrote in a candidate:

He voted for Count Chocula.  Because you can count on him.  He says that up there in his campaign speech.  You'll also notice he doesn't spend all his time attacking the other candidates either.  Plus, he represents chocolate, and that's a huge plus in his column.

We've been eating lots of this cereal this month, and even adding a new flavor that Madison has now started liking:

This is the first day that Madison has ever tried Captain Crunch before.  Yes, another significant milestone, and the very reason we set up this blog!  Now she can look back and point out the very day she first tried Captain Crunch.  And yes, she likes it.  The Halloween theme helps out a bunch, as does the milk turning green afterwards.  We actually had this tonight, and not for breakfast.  It was like dessert or something!

So anyway, tonight we got home after dancing, ate cereal, and then got on the couch to watch the Disney version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."  With our family heritage, it's required viewing now.  But it's still enjoyable!

After that, it was pretty much time for bed, and time for us to continue "The Rat with the Human Face."  Apparently, it has a face that looks like George Washington's.  This story should wrap up soon, but Madison can't wait to hear it each night.  It's been a fun read.

And it's been a fun day.  Sure, it's been busy.  But these days have a lot of fun moments too!

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