Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Backscratchers!

Friday.  This was a long work day for Daddy, who had a lot to do at the during the Divine Women's Conference this weekend.  It was all over the place, but one simple responsibility involved getting fire pits, fuel (wood and propane), marshmallows and long skewers for our guests to roast marshmallows with.  The funny thing about the skewers is this - for every hundred you order, you get a backscratcher.  This happened last year too.  We don't know why you get a backscratcher.  We don't see one advertised:  "Get 100 Skewers and Get a FREE Backscratcher!"  And we certainly didn't request one, or talk about it when ordering them.  Instead, we get these free backscratchers there amongst all the marshmallow-roasting implements.  This year, Daddy gave them to all the coffee bar volunteers, except one.  Last year, I'm not sure what we did with them.  But in both cases, Daddy brought home one to Madison.  And this is her souvenir from the Divine Conference:  a genuine bamboo backscratcher.  She has two now, to signify two visits.

We now have three backscratchers in our house.  There's actually a pretty good quality one that Daddy got for Mommy a few years ago - this is our official one.

I just about guarantee by this point, you're wanting to scratch your back.

Madison meanwhile has already finished "Costume Quest."  For those of you who don't know, this is probably the best Halloween-themed game out there.  The main characters are kids in costumes, going from house to house to trick-or-treat.  Or, they find themselves at a mall to trick-or-treat and get involved in costume contests.  Or they're at a fall festival or a carnival.  And there's a corn maze.  And bobbing for apples.  There's plenty of candy to collect.  There are scarecrows that help out, and there are different costumes to collect as well.  This one here is Daddy's favorite, the Statue of Liberty.  The attacks and the animation when she heals her companions is just priceless.

There's a screech of the eagle and everything!  Anyway, it's a fun game, and it's perfect for this season.  Daddy hasn't actually played it, but Madison has really been having fun with this one.  It seems inevitable that we'll be getting the sequel shortly, as soon as Madison has done something noble and worthy of getting a reward such as this.

Speaking of which, she has been doing her piano practice lately.  It takes effort to keep reminding yourself of the things you have to do at home.  It's easy enough when there's a test the next day, or you're off in the car on your way to ballet.  But when you're at home, the temptation is to take it easy and get to piano the next day.  Madison is finding out it is easier to do a little bit at a time, spacing it out.

She's been practicing for her Christmas song, "Silent Night," and it is sounding calm and bright.  It's one of those songs you don't mind hearing over and over.  She really wanted to play that one.  It's hard to believe we're talking about Christmas, but it is just around the corner for us.  October is flying by.  We have to make sure we get in all those October traditions!

But not today.  Today was work, and tomorrow will be too.  We'll be free from that soon enough, and in fact we have a day off next week.  We've got great plans for that day, ones we're just itching to go out and do.  No backscratcher required.

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