Thursday, October 20, 2016

Honor Roll

How proud we are of our girl.  She came home today with a big smile, and that was because she is on the honor roll.  She got a little blue ribbon, and was showing off her report card that showed all A's.  That was her goal, and she was quite pleased with herself. She couldn't wait to tell to Daddy on the phone - he was at work when she got home (a half-day for her today).

As you can see above, she was dressed in her 50's attire once more.  Today was the 50th day of school, so a lot of the kids and teachers were dressed in something from the 50's.  This morning on the way in, Daddy was playing music from the Platters, and talking about Chubby Checker, who is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This week, new nominations have been made for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and still no Chubby Checker.  No Monkees, Moody Blues, Bjork, or Duran Duran either, although those aren't from the 50's.  Still, it seems the Hall is clearly overlooking some gems.

Anyway, Daddy got home - and we went to dance.  Madison did ballet, while Daddy found a pumpkin that he thought would work for a future project.  But it wasn't quite the right size, so we'll wind up using that for something else - it was only $3.95 or something like that.  Anyway, we got home, and we did get something accomplished:  pumpkin cookies!

As we watched the second Scooby Doo live action movie, we were decorating a bunch of pumpkin cookies, and they turned out pretty well.  Daddy's are on the bottom, and Madison's are on the top photo.  With the spooky gingerbread house and the cookies, we're well on our way to having some nice snacks for the pumpkin carving party.  We'll also be making candied apples soon, and some other snack surprises.

Tonight, Mommy and Daddy finally got around to watching Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows."  We'll call this an October movie, although most of Tim Burton's movies fall in that category.  It certainly had its moments, although not our favorite entry of his.  The horror aspect of things isn't something we enjoy as much, but there was plenty of the usual Tim Burton atmosphere and characters that we enjoy in his movies.

Anyway, it was a full day as you can see for yourself.  Tomorrow will be a full one too, with things to do, and some nice fall weather on the way!  Got to get some rest tonight.  Goodnight!

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