Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It was a bit of "go-go-go-go-go" today, going from once place to the next, but we got it all done by day's end.  Well, most of it anyway.  Daddy was at work, setting up a bit for Fall Festival.  But we got Madison after school, and took her straight to piano for another class, and another huge step forward.  We're really advancing with foot pedals and finger work.  Madison is right there along with Mrs. Pam though, and seems to be okay with everything, not really falling behind.

Even this morning, it was "go-go-go-go-go."  We let Madison sleep in until about 6:30 am, giving her an extra half-hour, while compressing her getting-ready time, and leaving a little later - it worked.  She was able to get an extra half-hour's sleep, while still getting to school in time for announcements.

We got home from piano, and of course it was Taco Tuesday.  Mommy had it all ready - like I said, today was "go-go-go-go-go."  Madison did her homework in the car on the way home, some more math homework.  And we studied the planets as well, talking about how they got their names.  Madison said Venus is Earth's sister, but she's more like an evil sister.  If you know anything about the atmosphere of Venus, you know what that is like.

Anyway, it was bath night after that - the reason we did that today is the reason why things were going "go-go-go-go-go."  Tomorrow is Fall Festival, and if Madison is going to go to that, she needed enough sleep tonight, which meant going to bed earlier.  And because we were going to bed earlier, we had to keep things moving to fit it all in.  The big item of the day, after the bath of course, was "Goosebumps."  Madison really wanted to watch this, and so we sat down for yet another October-themed movie - one that was filmed here in Georgia.  In fact certain parts, we discovered later, were filmed just down the road, literally right where we were just driving when coming home.

Daddy got the popcorn ready, and we finally did a bit of "stop-stop-stop-stop-stop."  Madison enjoyed the movie, and so did Mommy and Daddy.  It sort of reminds you of "Jumanji," but with a bit of a October element to it, using werewolves, zombies, and a ginormous praying mantis.  We'd never read any of the Goosebumps books before, which is strange I suppose, because we're not opposed to them or anything.  We just never got around to it, unlike millions and millions of other people all over the world, who know everything there is to know about this series.  I think there's over a hundred books by this point?

Anyway, after the movie, it was pretty much straight to bed:  "go-go-go-go-go!"  The sooner you brush your teeth, Madison, the more we can read from that book tonight.  We were able to read from the devotional, and then a bit from that third book in the adventure series, "To Kick a Corpse."  One part - a poem about shopping carts - cracked Madison up so much she was still laughing about it five minutes later when she remembered it. We haven't seen her laugh that hard in a while!  We were just sitting there, about to pray, and she bursts out laughing, still remembering the poem.  I won't recite the line that got her laughing so much, but I'm certain we haven't heard the last of it...!

Anyway, it was a good day, although a busy one with work, and a bit of stuff at home we've been doing.  Lots of paperwork there, and finishing just in time to head upstairs to see some more of Ghost Rider.  It's a typical Tuesday, after all...

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