Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Hurricane Matthew is on the way, and it's looking badder than previously thought.  Folks in Haiti and soon the Bahamas are experiencing the wrath of the storm, but the coast of Florida seems to have a target painted on it:  particularly the area of Satellite Beach, where we've spent so much time lately.  Even inland, there's a state of emergency.  At Disney, where we just were, the employees are in a "tie down" mode, getting things ready for the weather that's expected.  We were there just one week ago.  And we were thinking we wouldn't see Nana and Ba-Ba until next month - but it turns out we'll see them tomorrow night.  Like many other Floridians, they are evacuating, and choosing to escape the full power of the storm.  They're heading up here tomorrow.

Today there's a slight breeze, and the weather is cooler.  But even we here should get some weather as an offshoot of this massive storm.  We'll have to wait and see to what extent, as the meteorologists can only speculate at this point the direction the storm is going to travel.

Madison had piano again today, but this time minus Daddy.  It's an attempt to teach her to do things on her own, schedule her own practices, and learn on her own.  Daddy wasn't ready this time, and wound up sitting in the car, waiting.  Next time, he'll bring a book!

We got home to tacos, because it is Taco Tuesday.  But today was surprisingly busy, because Madison had a ton of homework today.  Lots of homework, and the word "telegraph" on Madison's vocabulary, which we found rather odd.  I mean, as far as just simple vocabulary goes, it's an odd word.  It's a great thing to learn about with history.  But for simple vocabulary, it's an odd choice.  Regardless, we'll have to send Madison a telegram now…!

We watched "The Corpse Bride" tonight, part of our series of October movies.  And after that, we actually finished our "Poop Fountain" book, one that Madison really liked.  We all did - it was fun, and part one of a three-part series that we'll no doubt continue as soon as we get the next few books.  We said our prayers, and it was time for bed - although there was a debate tonight that we watched.  We went to bed, quite tired from a full day.  The storm is getting closer - we'll have to keep tabs on that.

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