Friday, October 28, 2016

Edge Trunk-or-Treat

Tonight we went back to Edge ATA Karate for their annual Trunk or Treating event, which went really well.  Lots of kids showed up, and just like with last year, there was a great chance to practice some fighting and defensive stances, along with opportunities to punch columns and even break another board.

Here's Madison getting in the right stance.  She's ready to break that board!  She's also ready to go out and get some candy!

Here she is with Christine Edge, who also serves as a volunteer at KidPak.  She and her husband dressed for Star Wars.  This was why Madison wanted to dress up as Rey for tonight - they had to have their Star Wars costumes on together.  Madison is seen spinning a wheel for candy above - she got "Han Rolo" on the spinner, so yay:  free Rolos!  

Here she is visiting one of the trunks of the cars in the parking lot.  The parking lot has lots of cars with trunks decorated in various ways, and of course with lots of candy to distribute.  Madison had a great time going from car to car, playing games, and even doing a hay ride.  It was lots of fun for the kids - and the parents too!

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