Wednesday, October 26, 2016

KidPak Fall Festival 2016

KidPak's Fall Festival arrived tonight, and Madison was on hand for all the fun.  Sure, it was a late night for her, but look at her above with Pastor Lance - she was having a great time!  She rode this ride a few times, arriving early in her favorite costume this year, dressed as Rey.  Pastor Lance was Indiana Jones, but there were all kinds of costumes tonight, as you can see below:

Here's the first wave that got to go out.  Really, it's technically not the first wave - Madison just got to go out early with another staff member's son.  So she was blessed this year to try some things out, like the swing ride, the spinning teacup-like ride, and all the other things that Daddy gets too dizzy on.

Here she is with her goggles on, ready to go for a spin.  Daddy sat in the seat in front of them, taking pictures for a while, and resisting that sudden urge to do a technicolor yawn.  By evening's end, there were hundreds of kids there, we don't know the numbers right now.  It was a record-setting night because the weather was so clear and perfect this year.  Other years, the weather has been questionable.  But not this year.  Things were absolutely perfect for the event.  We had hay rides, basketball tosses, football tosses, bounce houses, amazingly tall slides, and two competitive events, including this one here:

This is that obstacle course event with five big inflatable islands that you have to bounce on from one to the next, trying to get to the end without falling off the side.  Madison is a pro at this, training like she is going to be on American Ninja Warrior.  After watching that show frequently (while on vacation), you get the feeling that this is what she wants to really do.  Seriously, she was on this inflatable quite a bit tonight, jumping from one place to the next.  Here she is with Mary Shannon, who was looking over the attraction tonight:

But that's not the only competition she was doing tonight - there was also a game where kids got on top of inflatable 'towers,' and tried to knock each other off with long foam things… Madison was triumphant in knocking a lot of kids off - she's had a lot of practice since the last time.  She's gotten better with balancing on the inflatable tower she's on, and knows to go for the legs.  Here she is, celebrating the fact that she knocked off a grown-up!

Anyway, it was a great night.  It's a long night, but it's a lot of fun.  You might be wondering what Daddy dressed up as tonight...

I'm David S. Pumpkins!  Just this past Sunday, there was a skit on Saturday Night Live where Tom Hanks played a character that wore this very outfit.  Daddy had to get it.  It is pretty amazing, and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it a few more times before the end of this month.

Tonight, Madison was eating some of the candy she got.  It was a tremendous bag of candy too.  Anyway, while chewing on one side, she lost a tooth on the other!  True story.  We got home late, and went straight to bed, but Madison knew right away to put her tooth in a little bag, and put that under her pillow.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow!

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