Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kids Throwing Marshmallows

Work day today, as the DIVINE Conference wrapped up, with us meanwhile working to get things set up for our Trailblazers series, part two.  This involved more filming, more writing, and just more of the usual.  Madison went to Nutcracker practice this morning, and right after that we were off to church to get things rolling.

It was a big day of work, with a great marshmallow battle unfolding throughout the many hours at the office.  It all started with the adults, of course.  Basically, last night at the women's conference, we got all these marshmallows and sticks to hand out to the women to roast marshmallows over the firepits that we set up.

But the temptation to launch some of these monster marshmallows was too much.  The battle continued into the next day, and the next generation was there in the office, following in the feud.  Marshmallows were everywhere, as Madison and the other staff children were running from the auditorium to the hallways, hurling marshmallows using guerilla warfare tactics.  At any given moment, a marshmallow would go whizzing by, striking its target with a distinct THUD.

This would be the basis for a great first person shooter game.  Kids throwing marshmallows.  Just saying.

Daddy picked up his clone trooper helmet on his desk, and inside were thirty of these oversized marshmallows, all crammed in there.  They fell out onto the desk.  The Era of the Great Marshmallow Battle is upon us!

We got home late, and Mommy chose "Book of Life" for our October movie of the night.  It's been a great run, although there's no way we can watch them all - we have so many October movies presently.  Still, there's a few that are deemed mandatory that we have left to watch.

Speaking of "mandatory seasonal activities," we also still have to squeeze in a corn maze, a pumpkin trip, and a haunted gingerbread house.  We purchased the haunted gingerbread house kit today, so hopefully we'll be able to create that this week.  Stay tuned... if you dare!

Tonight, we continued our Qwickpik Papers adventure, which is rolling along rather quickly, actually.  The protagonists in this are doing something a bit more unauthorized here, so as a parent, I hate to say I don't agree with their current course of action.  We'll see how things pan out.  Madison says she wouldn't do what they are doing either, which is a comfort.  She's not that desperate to see a rat with a human face.  Perhaps we're all a bit curious, but not so curious as to do with the QwikPick Adventure Society is doing.  We'll keep reading, and see how things turn out.  They're packing for their trips.  Hopefully, they're bringing enough marshmallows.

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