Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We stopped by the school this morning for our annual October visit to the Book Fair.  We joined Madison there in the library where the atmosphere was a bit more different from last time.  Madison picked up a "Descendants" themed book, while Mom and Dad got her a surprise book, probably for Christmas.  It's one she wants, one she first saw a poster for in Disney World.  That'll be a nice surprise!

One neat thing that we saw today were two pictures that Madison created, both hanging up as you walk in the front door.  These were from some of her enrichment classes (the one below is), and another special art class that Madison has been attending, one that focuses on a book they've been reading, one called "Wonder."  Madison created a painting inspired by that story.  The picture below is the one she does in the afterschool art program she's been attending lately.

In today's afterschool class, she was working on an owl.  I think we'll see that one next week.  She's really enjoying this art class, and has already mentioned wanting to sign up for the next four-week course the following week.  This, despite the fact that there are so many other choices.  She just really likes art.  And we like her art too.  I would seriously hang this one above in my office somewhere.

Nana and Ba-Ba arrived tonight, chased away from Florida by a hurricane that's already evacuated so many.  The Bahamas are currently enduring the punishment of Matthew, and it has weakened to a category three.  I'm not sure if it is projected to strengthen or not.  We'll see how that works out.  In the meantime, the grandparents are here, and safe.

We don't know what to expect from the weather here.  They say some rain, but we're not really in the path of this storm at all.  Although that could change, of course.  Hopefully the big change will be the fact that this storm is going out to sea.  Someone says thirty foot waves down at Daytona, which would be incredible to see, but then again you wouldn't really want to be there to see it.  At night time, it must be dreadful with so much noise, and visibility so low.  We've been praying tonight.

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