Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fish Tacos

It was Taco Tuesday once more, which is pretty much a given for any Tuesday nowadays.  If it's Tuesday, there must be tacos.  This is something that Madison requires, and so yesterday when we went grocery shopping, we found all the ingredients to do some tacos.  But Mommy did something a little different for Daddy this time around, putting together ingredients for fish tacos.  

So who came up with the idea of a fish taco?  The idea is apparently is older than any of us.  According to one source I just read, "It probably goes back thousands of years to when indigenous North American peoples first wrapped the plentiful offshore catch into stone-ground-corn tortillas."

In the late 50's, it started to be a tourist dish, and in the early 80's, it grew in popularity in the western side of this country.  Now, of course, it's one of those items you order to be different.  Sure, it's healthier, and to Daddy, it probably tastes better.  But fundamentally, there's just something weird about putting fish in a tortilla.  Chicken and beef are okay, but fish?

Regardless, it was enjoyable - and different.  And those probably aren't the last fish tacos to be eaten in this household.  Daddy likes fish.  And tacos.  So there you go.

Today we had piano class again, and things are starting to get intense.  Seriously, the music sheet Daddy was looking at today was very intimidating.  Still, Madison plowed through and did really well with the odd chords and pacing.  She knows the chord names very well, all the bass clef notes and chords and so forth - she knows more than Daddy, clearly.  It's just 'sticking' a little better with her at this point.  And that's just fine!

We did our homework in the homework-mobile on the way to and from piano, and on top of that there was a visit by the church, where we met the new Free Chapel college students, who are people we largely already know.  Mary Shannon and Camille were there, helping Daddy with a script for the upcoming weekend, the next part of the Star Wars series.

Unrelated, but Daddy is still suffering from some tummy trouble.  It's been about three weeks now, and is pretty odd.  Something's going on down there, and there might be a return trip to the doctor.  Hate to be paranoid, but after what happened with Mommy, the best policy is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to health issues.

Tonight, we finished "James and the Giant Peach," which we just loved.  Seriously, we're now addicted to the writings of Roald Dahl.  Mommy found another book by him that we'll be reading soon enough, right after we take a break and revisit the next adventure of the Never Girls.  Tonight after tacos and math homework, we had enough time to play some games.  That's about all the time we had - otherwise, we'd be down at the pool.  Maybe we'll hit the pool this weekend, I don't know.  Did you realize that this weekend is Labor Day already?  Me neither!

Anyway, speaking of fish tacos, we played a bit of "Finding Dory" for Disney Infinity.  It's been fun, with the two of us exploring the aquarium a bit.  We're just getting started on it, but it's been fun.  Afterwards, it was bedtime, reading time, and prayers.  Mommy and Daddy revisited "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." again tonight, going back to the planet Maveth, which is easily the worst ficticious planet in history.  The one thing that could make it better?  Fish tacos.

So that was our day, pretty much.  Busy days, these Tuesdays.  But it's good to see Madison doing so much, and doing it well.  She's happy and healthy, and quite brilliant.  And hilarious too!  

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