Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Start of the Piano Graduation Class

Piano classes started once again today, and this class had a really sentimental feel to it.  Here we were in our graduation class, the fifth year of piano for these kids.  These seven kids have been here since the beginning, with Madison being the only girl left in this particular class.  She still enjoys it, nonetheless.  Afterwards, she was surprised at how fast the time went by!  We did a few exercises, and played some Schubert as well, and let our fingers get used to marching up and down the keyboard once again.  It was a long summer, and some of us were a little rusty!

It was Taco Tuesday again, so we had a Mexican Feast upon arriving home - although Daddy wasn't terribly hungry from the huge lunch he had at church.  It was a staff meeting with all kinds of games, and one version of Pictionary where Daddy was the drawer, and his team got the answer in less than five seconds.  No joke.  Here's a pic of the meeting today, as Pastor Franklin addresses us about the upcoming year - new campuses and all kinds of events to look forward to:

Madison's homework went faster today - we've got spelling words and math so far.  The words feature prefixes like 'dis' and 'non.'  The words 'dismay' and  'disable' were among the several vocabulary words of the week.  And lo, a few of them showed up in our nighttime reading tonight, which was fun.  Madison was listening to the latest Anna and Elsa story, and called them out as she heard them.

During the space between homework and bedtime, we had a few different options, but Madison wanted to do the LEGO Star Wars game.  So it was there that we went, right to Tatooine (where we were on stage Sunday).  Each day, it seems we're doing something Star Wars.  You'd think we'd be sick of it in a few weeks… but we probably won't be!

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