Thursday, August 4, 2016

1st Day of Fourth Grade

And here we are again, our first day of school.  It's Fourth Grade, and it's a new adventure, a new year. Madison posed for her traditional picture here, part of the morning routine.  Shortly after this, we entered the traffic nightmare that is the drop-off process at school.  They've changed things around a bit, and it isn't pretty.  To call it horrendous would be a generous compliment.

Anyway, she made it - barely - and was off on her first day, which she enjoyed a lot.  Daddy was there at the bus stop when she got home, and got to hear all about it.  She has a lot of friends in her class from last year, and her new teacher seems nice.  She has a calendar book to keep things scheduled out, and there's a bit more to do this year.  But it's going to be great.  She's a fast learner and she has friends.  We were happy to see a few others call out to her in the hallway the other night, glad to see her.  

Tonight, we had an underwater tea party.  Despite the fact that school has begun, it is still the middle of summer (this makes NO sense to adults, who know that school starts when the weather begins to turn cooler and fall is on the way).  Regardless of our opinion about when school should start, start it has.  So, because we didn't have much in the way of homework tonight, we thought it would be good to head to the pool again for a bit.  It was deserted and pretty quiet.  But it was nice - so nice that we had a tea party in the pool, and then another one under the water at the base of the ladder.  We'd pass back and forth the imaginary cream and sugar (and spoons) as we sipped from our invisible cups.  Right there at the bottom of the pool. 

Still time for reading at night, we dove right back into Horton Halfpott's adventure at Smugwick Manor.  SPOILER ALERT, and join us next paragraph if you're reading this same book.  We're getting towards the end of this book, and the question has been asked about where the famous family diamond was hidden by the villain of the story.  Daddy figured it out, and shared his opinion on the matter.  After a family discussion, we think it is in the bust of Napoleon.  But we'll have to wait and see.

We said our prayers, read our daily devotional, and gave thanks for another good new year starting today.  We really are blessed and highly favored!

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