Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Takodana Tuesday

As you know, Taco Tuesday is a big deal around here.  But have you heard of Takodana Tuesday?  We had tacos and went to Takodana tonight for a bit of adventure.  We're doing all kinds of Star Wars things this week in preparation for the new Star Wars series, which Daddy was struggling to get going this afternoon (the struggle with the graphic designer for the booklets).  Hopefully all will be well, but Daddy got back so late that there was just time for tacos, then some Disney Infinity where we were at Takodana, and then off to bed for the devotional and some reading.  Tonight's reading was Star Wars themed, of course.  And it was from a comic book.  Daddy read the rather depressing story of how C-3PO got his red arm in "The Force Awakens," and then we said our prayers and went to bed.

Or, at least Madison did.  Mommy and Daddy stayed up and read the next chapter of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Unusual Children."  With the Tim Burton movie coming up, there's a wave of nostalgia I have for his 90's movies, and this one appears to fit right in with that.  The book is not by him, of course, but it has been a very good read thus far.  Two chapters in, and we're already hooked.

Daddy went to the last open house for music class, because Madison is now in the graduating class.  It's been five years already, and this is her last year with her fellow classmates.  She's going to have a great year, but it will be more work - which goes without saying.  She has a Christmas program coming up, one that will be a bigger, longer sort of piano solo.  Also, there's the spring recital, which will be here before you know it.  That one will be depressing, the moment Madison "graduates" from this piano class she's been in.  There's a slight possibility that the class will stay together for a post-graduation class, but we'll see how this year goes first.

Madison had art today, where she did a project with post-its, lots of them.  There were lots of other students involved, although I'm not sure what it is that they created.  It sounded like fun though.  She had math homework again, working on subtraction this time.  There are assessment tests coming soon, tests that will determine the rest of Madison's year.  She's a bright kid.  She can still tell us when Paul Revere was born, that St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and that 8X8 = 64.  The fact that she can even still say the Indian name Coosaponakeesa is pretty amazing to me.

Anyway, we'll see where the tests place her.  Regardless, she'll continue her speech therapy.  As her schedule increases outside of school, this will become more of a challenge - but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now, it's time to relax and enjoy a the band here on Takodana, and a few tacos.  Happy Takodana Tuesday!

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