Saturday, August 13, 2016

Do You Feel It?

"There has been an awakening?  Can you feel it?"

We spent the entire day prepping for this new series, from set design to print-outs to costuming and scripting and music.  We're using all the John Williams music, and we've got a few great costumes - including this wookie one that you'll get to see tomorrow.  The script is done, and we're all rather tired now, ready for rest, hoping and praying all goes well tomorrow.

Madison was helping left and right today, putting books in chairs and moving chairs in classrooms as well.  She was helping with costumes, and helping with the display case - oh, the display case!

Mommy made a decent one with sand at the bottom, with a big image of Jakku in the background.  Yes, those are Tatooine toys in the sand as well, the bantha, the sandpeople, and the landspeeder.  We were looking for something roughly that size to go in the foreground, and Daddy didn't have anything in the house from Jakku right now.  Only nitpick folks like me would notice anyway!

The figures at the top are new, and work well with that star field in the background.  It sort of reminds you of the initial display that the Star Wars figures had when they first started coming out in the 70's.  Yes, Daddy has that old Kenner display that was used to show off the first twelve plastic action figures.    We also have the original twelve figures too, and probably a few different copies of each.

It was a loooooong day.  We're setting up for a new series tomorrow, and we want it to be the best it can be.  Hopefully it will be just that.

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