Monday, August 8, 2016

Pizza, pizza!

We made our own pizzas tonight!  Madison had a hankering to do this again, once she saw a picture of herself years ago doing the same thing.  Mommy bought the kits, and we were off making our own pizzas once more.  These were actually pretty tasty.  Madison's was just covered and smothered with sauce.  She called it "a-sauce-ination."  Which was pretty clever, actually.  Regardless, they were filling, and a good dinner for us.

Daddy finished the devotional today, and we also finished Horton Halfpott tonight.  Another thing finished:  our computer's pictures and files were put over on a back-up hard drive, and that makes everyone feel a lot better about not losing stuff.  While we were out getting that drive, Mommy was doing a bit of grocery shopping.  Madison was with us, so we all decided to get ice cream when she and Daddy joined Mommy at the grocery store.  And there it was:  Cherry Garcia.  It was a flavor that Madison hasn't tried yet, and I don't think it'll be the last time she tries it.  We had ice cream for dessert tonight, and the three of us got three different flavors.  We were sampling each other's desserts, and it was just delicious!

In keeping with the Star Wars theme, tonight we watched the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars special, which is full of some fun gags, especially for Star Wars fans.  The reference to Porkins at the end is great.  Mommy and Daddy had just seen an episode of the adventures of "Pink Five," and there was a reference to Porkins in there too.  Madison didn't know who Porkins was, and you might not either.  So here goes:

Daddy has an action figure of this guy.  It's true.  His name is Jek Porkins, and he was basically the first rebel pilot to go down in the battle at the first Death Star.  I think he's more notable than some of the others because of letting everyone know, "I can handle it," and for not handling it.  And perhaps his size.  He was larger than your average pilot.

There's a lot of fun fan fiction about this character, and he's sort of a cult status guy within the Star Wars universe, like Willrow Hood.  Some speculate that he's not dead, or that he in fact was a Jedi and saved the universe.  Or… likely not.

Anyway, it was a good day for Madison, who was at school again.  She is getting a better grasp of the responsibilities for the year.  Already, we've got math homework tonight, which we did in short order.  The reading assignment was finished while we were in the car on the way to the grocery store and the electronics place here.  However, it could have very well been done in the car line this morning.  The drop off process is not getting any better, much, much worse than last year.

Still, we're getting Madison to school in time, and yeah, sure:  there's more time to spend together in the car before getting dropped off.  This has already been spent telling make-up stories, or listening to the Monkees some more.  It helps the time go by nicely!

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