Friday, August 12, 2016

Parenting Matters

So each and every week, Daddy creates a two-sided sheet of paper to hand out to parents at KidPak, this amongst the other things:  devotionals, sermon booklets, skits, keynotes, videos, and more.  This Parenting Matters kicks off the new series, and here's a sneak peek above.  It's pretty fun with the Star Wars theme.

This is what the family has been working on, this new series.  Daddy picked up Madison and Mommy, and the three of us went shopping for costumes and props.  It went well, although there is still plenty more to do tomorrow.  A lot more.  And lately, that's all we're about here - it's almost like a Summer Xtreme atmosphere here, where there is a lot of work being done towards a series we hope is something incredible for the children.  This last series related to the Olympics has been great, but the materials were already there, written and videos and animations.  But with this new series, we're starting from scratch.  Lots of work still left to do!

Nana Cypher had a surgery yesterday, but we did have time to visit.  She'll have a neck brace on for a few weeks, but she'll be good to go for our upcoming vacation in several weeks.  Everyone is looking forward to that.  To use on that upcoming vacation - and our series this weekend, Mommy had a special gift for Madison:  a Rey costume.  Madison just loved it.  She wanted to put it on right away, but she'll be wearing it for certain on Sunday.  And looking sharp!

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