Monday, August 29, 2016


Spelling tests seem easy this year.  Or, at least they seem easier than last year so far.  Perhaps we're just starting the year out at a simpler level.  The most complicated words this week are "awkward" and "squawk," which got Madison thinking a bit, but she can handle them without any problem now.  The other words like "lawn" and "gown" are pretty easy for her.  As long as she takes her time on the test, this should be a breeze.

We got a new member of the family today:  a new vacuum cleaner.  We saved over $100 with it, a shark.  What a name for threatening name for a vacuum cleaner!  You immediately start doing that "Jaws' theme as you picture it gliding across the floor, looking for prey.  Beware the carpet sharks!  This one looks pretty nice, with all the bells and whistles.  It has headlights, which is a novel concept for me.  Yes, there have been lights on vacuum cleaners for some time now, but this one here seems to be just a few small steps away from becoming a vehicle for us to ride around the house upon.

Madison had her enormous day today with ballet and jazz practice immediately following school.  It was a tremendous and tiring day, no doubt.  She did her homework in the Homework Mobile on the way there, including writing sentences for words like 'awkward' and 'aloud.'  We worked on a bit of that together in the car, making crazy sentences in some cases.  A new weekly tradition is born!

For her reading assignment, Daddy thought it would be okay if she read this new Princess Leia comic book series we got at the library the other day.  Madison reads enough that I don't worry about taking a break to read some comics from time to time.  Add to this the reading from "James and the Giant Peach," along with our devotional... there is a lot of literature in her head all week long.

Daddy's been reading a few John Grisham books lately, along with a few of Garrison Keillor's.  We found a few of the former author's at the local library's store, a place where you donate books that they can turn around and sell.  Daddy got a few that I've been reading lately.  It helps you go to sleep at night!

Speaking of which... g'night!

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