Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Open House 2016

Here's Mrs. Clark, Madison's new teacher for fourth grade.  We met her this evening at Open House, the usual gathering all the Chestatee Elementary students and parents attend before each year starts.  We got there around 4:00, and things were already busy (the event lasts until later in the evening).  For starters, her classroom is WAY down the hall, all the way at one end of the school building.  The exit door is right there next to her class, so next time we attend an event there, we'll park at the end.  Anyway, as Madison and Mommy talked with Mrs. Clark, Daddy filled out the usual amount of paperwork that is just slightly less than the paperwork you fill out when going through a mortgage.  And afterwards, we posed for a picture (above), and met the other teacher across the hall, one that Madison will be with a lot this year as well.  Daddy can't remember her name, because it was unusual.  But she seemed nice as well, and it looks as if Madison will be having a great year at Chestatee once again.  Of course, she seems easy to please, and she's always eager to learn and do better.  We've been happy with the school thus far, very much so.

Additionally, it turns out that one of our friends, Officer Monica from Hall County, knows Mrs. Clark.  Their kids are on the same wrestling teams.  We didn't know this when we met Mrs. Clark, but I'm sure it will come up soon enough.

We got home a bit later, and didn't really have time for a Star Wars movie.  So we took down some AT-ATs instead.  Madison and Daddy got into our snowspeeders, and were very careful to say, "I feel I can take on the whole Empire myself."  And then we got to business, saving the Rebellion from the invasion.

We've been doing our usual reading at night, and nearly finished the the Olympic-themed devotional as well.  After prayers tonight, it was early to bed for us all.  We have to get used to the new schedule that is coming soon, getting up really early in the morning.

Daddy had work today (desperately trying to finish this devotional on time), but Madison was at home with Mommy, enjoying the waning days of summer break.  This involved some games, some origami, and some drawing and coloring too.  She's been reading quite a few books lately, including the Dork Diaries.  When it comes to doing reading assignments when the school year starts.... there won't be any problem at all!

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