Monday, August 22, 2016

Tangible Jazz

Jazz class starts today, followed by ballet.  So yeah, it was a 'Yuge' day today.  On the way to dancing class, we wound up using one of our new "Frozen" trays to do a lot of homework on, both on the way to Brenau and on the way back:  there was science, there was math, and there were sentences to be written using words like - and I'm not making this up - "tangible."  What 4th grader uses the word "tangible" in a sentence?  When was the last time that you used the word "tangible" in a sentence?  Don't lie!  Obviously, that's our joke word of the day.

Madison really enjoyed jazz class.  Although she said the music was pretty loud.  She does have slightly sensitive ears, we've noticed.  For example, she never ever walks into the garage, or out of the car inside the garage, while the garage door is opening.  This is a cardinal rule in our house.

But beyond the volume issue, the class was enjoyable.  And so was ballet, and so here we are starting another season of dancing.  It will be fun.  Madison thinks the schedule is okay at the moment, despite being quite full.  We got home later, but doing homework in the car helped out a lot, giving her free time when she got home.  Dinner, by the way, was pretty much when she got home from school.  Getting home from dancing, she had a late snack, a bit of pasta before playing some games on the X-box.  For some reason, Madison was really wanting to go back to the Toy Story Mania game, shooting a lot of targets.  That was fun, despite the frequent pies flying towards us.

Nana and Ba-Ba were here today, so that was nice.  Although Madison didn't get to see them until a bit later.  Earlier in the day, Mommy and Daddy did a bit of early Christmas shopping (with a deal over at the Disney Store today!).  We found a few items that Madison will really like, so we'll add those to the mix, along with whatever else Santa gets for her.

We finished the polar bear story tonight, where Elsa and Anna figured out a way to lure the polar bears out of the Arendelle.   They used tranquilizer darts.  Just kidding.  Olaf turned his carrot nose into a musical instrument and created a hypnotic melody that drew the polar bears out of their hiding spots, and off to a floating sheet of ice that the bears got onto in order to float out and northward to the Arctic.  You may be thinking that you cannot make a musical instrument out of a carrot.  Ah, but there you're wrong!  There's a guy in Australia that can do it in five minutes or less.  The big question is this:  will it enchant polar bears in such a way that they will do your bidding?  Let's just play it safe, shall we?  Use the tranquilizer darts if you need to.

We read the devotional afterwards, another bit Daddy wrote about C-3PO, who was always quick to tell you the odds of things not going well.  For example, he would probably tell you the odds of successfully enchanting a polar bear by making music with a carrot that you also use for your nose are 3720 to 1.  To which Anna of course replies, "Never tell me the odds!"

The point of the devotional was not to worry.  Don't worry about polar bears, don't worry about musical carrots, and don't worry about anything.  You may feel frightened about something, but God will show up in a tangible way to save the day.  See what I did there?

Anyway, it was a good day, although a long one.  Now, it's off to bed to continue our binging of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." again in order to get ready for season four.  Tonight's episode has us going back to that planet Maveth, which seems like a nice place to visit…

… no, it's not.

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