Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lobster Claw

We were doing a bit of filming today - Madison was helping, as you can see above.  Or maybe she wasn't exactly helping with the filming.  But she looks great with Lobster Claws!

We were filming a short movie commercial for "Lobster Claw," a video with a hero named Lobster Claw.  Basically, he has no super power.  Just lobster claws for hands.  And yet, no one can recognize his secret identity.  Hopefully the gag will work, but in the meantime it makes for a nice picture of Madison with lobster claws for hands... sort of?

Anyway, it was a big work day today, and we had help from Madison.  She's been spending time organizing things for next week, but in her spare time, she's drawing all the logos and even characters from the upcoming superhero series next week.

It's a busy week, as said here over and over again throughout the years.  Madison's first week off of school is usually spent sleeping in a bit, and then heading into work to hang out all day.  She brings the personal device to watch streaming movies, or draws, or reads.  And of course, she helps out with all sorts of tasks.

She'll get her time the next few weeks, time where she has a whole lot of something to do.  Until then, it's a good week to sit back and sleep in, and she's not really spending too much time with a personal device in the corner at the office.  More or less, she spends most of the day interacting with Josh, watching him edit videos, or helping others put things away.  Today, she set up the entire kindergarten and first grade room for class tonight, all by herself.  So she's been a great helper while here, and there's value in that, value in serving.  Isn't that what a real hero is anyway?   Yes, she's a real hero... just minus the lobster claws.

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