Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bossk Brownies and Blue Milk

May the Fourth Be With You again, and it was a great day today across the board.  For starters, we got plenty of rain out there, pretty much on-and-off throughout the day.  It was cooler too.  Daddy had a great class this morning, wearing his lightsaber tie and showing clips from our "The Spirit Awakens" series back last year.  The students really enjoyed the morning!  There were about four videos, hand-outs and Daddy even brought along the red lightsaber and Chewbacca mask for fun.

To further the day's theme watched a LEGO "Freemaker" adventure tonight as part of our celebration of Star Wars Day, which was something none of us had seen before.  We may be watching more of these episodes in the coming days - it wasn't bad.

And, as you can see above, Mommy made us some "Bossk Brownies" and of course blue milk to go with it.  This was delicious!

We had ballet today, driving in the driving rain.  Daddy decided to just sit and read in the parking lot as Madison danced.  We got home in time for dinner, with Tusken Raider Tots on the side.  Yes, it was that kind of day today.

It was fun though.  Madison had art today, and has been taking home some of her art projects over the year.  We got a few more today, and they're good.  Madison loves art, of course.

It was a good day today, one with an extra pinch of galactic fun.  May the Fourth Be With You!

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