Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Science Project!

It was a time for celebration tonight?  Why?  Madison did her science project.  Okay, it was also a bit of a belated Mother's Day celebration for Nana as well.  And it's been one of our traditions of late whenever we get together with Nana and Ba-Ba.  We got there tonight and had our usual bits, including lots of peanuts for Madison, plus the rolls that she loves so much.  As usual, you have to struggle to get her to actually eat meat at a roadhouse, but there it is.  At least she plugged in her usual fifteen requests at the jukebox in front.  Madison presses all kinds of buttons just based on different titles, although Daddy is attempting to teach her the basics about country music. 

This morning - thank you Lord for holding back the rain - we got Madison's science project into the school, which was somewhat of an ordeal.  But the trip was easy, and Madison did well presenting it today with her small index cards. 

This side was all about the "Food Web," or what we used to call a "Food Chain."  Not sure why they call it a food "web" now, when a web is simply something sticky used to capture insect prey, whereas a chain is a connecting thing.  All kidding aside, you can see here above how she found the food web, plus we found pictures of Crush the Turtle, and his little dude Squirt.  Also, pictures of the Sargasso Sea, which we all learned was a place where the turtles like to go and hang out.

Here is the place where Madison showed the various types of turtles, and the turtle life cycle.  We ordered some plastic turtles to illustrate these different points.  Also, you can see the turtles that have the QR codes on them, each one leading to a different internet destination.  

This section is about all the garbage that goes into the ocean, and how it is damaging to the turtles.  It's basically showing why plastic bags are bad, among other things.  We found some stuff we could put on the board, and of course you can see where Madison cut out images she found and printed on our printer.  But below is the coolest thing we made:

It isn't necessarily scientific, but we go this jar at Michael's Craft Shop, and we went to the PetSmart next door to get the aquarium gravel and plastic plants.  Mommy suspended the turtle on a fishing wire, and we made something that looked like a miniature aquarium.  It turned out really good.

Anyway, Madison did well today with her science project.  We all worked on it together for quite some time, and are really, really glad it's all over with.  But it's a contented sort of relief, as Madison is quite proud of what she did.  We're proud of her too!

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