Thursday, May 11, 2017

Good Report!

This morning we got a great report from the hospital, where Mommy went in for what is usually a fairly routine procedure.  It's tougher on her due to her delicate digestive system - last night was frankly brutal for her.  But this morning, things had settled down considerably, and we made our appointment at the hospital just in time, right after dropping Madison off at school.

Things went quickly and smoothly.  And most importantly, there were very good results.  Mommy is clean and good to go, using the doctor's own words, for "another three years."  Mommy is still cancer-free, and there was much rejoicing about this, rightly so.  We're very grateful, of course.

Daddy dropped Mommy at the house, and then quickly went over to the school to join Pastor Halston, who also came to have lunch with Madison there at the school.  It is part of our "Let's Do Lunch" plan, where pastors have lunch with the kids.  Madison was happy to see Pastor Halston here, of course.

There was a lot of talk about Summer Xtreme, summer day camps, art classes and all kinds of things like that.  Madison chattered away for the entire time, realizing at the last minute that she had to actually eat something, and horking down her lunch.

She got home a few hours later, and Daddy was here this time.  He was in the house in case Mommy needed anything - she was recovering from the hospital visit.  We did a bit of studying about sea turtles, and after that we were off to ballet again.  We've got just a few weeks left of ballet, but we have our recital tickets, and we have our plans for the summer.  Right now, Madison is leaning against being in the Nutcracker, which of course is a summer thing as well - there's a Nutcracker Camp this year, and all students who want to be in the Nutcracker have to be in that camp.  But Madison is wanting to take a break from that this year, and back off on it a little.  It's her choice, and we'll respect that, giving her some breathing room.  Who knows what big plans will be happening next year?  And it will be nice to have Saturdays off to go and do some fall-related plans, and of course Christmas excursions too.  She hasn't made her decision official yet, but currently, she's actually leaning against it, which is surprising.  It really does wear you down when you consider all the other things going on in your life.

So today was a good day, with Mommy getting good news and actually feeling much better as the day wore on.  We didn't have time to watch anything, but yes, we've been continuing with the Carina Smith book, which features a character that follows the stars.  Interesting theme, isn't it?  Yesterday, Madison was at the planetarium and all this week we're reading about an astronomer.  Fun coincidence!

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