Sunday, May 14, 2017

Super Mom

It is Mother's Day, and today Madison surprised Mommy with some flowers in a hanging pot, a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, and this picture she made above.  She had it all hid away by the piano, and was anxious to give it to Mommy this morning before church to tell her Happy Mother's Day.  Of course, we were spending the day calling our mothers, connecting and wishing them a good day while expressing our gratitude for having such great parents.  We even left some flowers to Nana here, something small to brighten her day.

The theme continued with a great service this morning:

First, a word about the worship service.  There is more time in May for the worship aspect, and it is so rewarding to see the kids so engaged.  Here below is a precious picture of Madison with a friend, both of them with their hands raised.

It was very sweet.  Mommy took this picture, and for her (and the mother of the other girl), their Mother's Day was made.  We took our usual skit time to honor Mommy after this, using it to talk about a real everyday hero, one known as Super Mom.

Here she is, fighting the undying Laundry Monster.  This is a famous beast that has made appearances from time to time on this stage, one that all moms have to do battle with each day.  It just never dies!  Moms don't wear a cape and mask like Dawn did this morning, but they are of course the real heroes.

The skit was fun, and of course it made a great point about mothers.  Plus, it featured a stuffed emoji poo.  These are strangely popular now.  We actually went out and got one yesterday.  Here's the skit Daddy wrote to honor all mothers:

KidPak Adventures: Superheroes
Super Mom


HOST: “We all need a hero to swoop in each day
            To rescue us, help us, and show us the way!

            And we do have a hero who can save us somehow.
She’s not that far off.  Why here she comes now!

MOM enters, leading family to a table. 

Why yes, it’s a mother!  She’s here to do battle!
She herds these civilians as if they were cattle

Yes, that’s her family.  They’re starving!  In need!
And here’s where this mom does a wonderful deed!

MOM brings a pre-prepared plate of food to each seated family member.

Your mom gets you food, while you sit there and chat.
It’s hard work to prepare!  Ever think about that?

But that is not all.  She is busy all day!
Carpooling you each to baseball, and ballet.

And karate, and piano, and soccer, football
Or that store that sells stuffed poo down there at the mall!


Just as she thinks she’s about to sit down
A terrible monster rears its head all around



It’s the laundry monster!  And it’s growing in size!
This terrible beast, my friend, just never dies!

It’s so big that out of the laundry room it roams!
It’s growing and threatens to take over your homes!

Many moms go to fight, doing so with the wrath
of a Valkyrie that slaughters everything in her path!


The struggle is real.  And this monster is too!
Yet this is just one of the things all moms do.

The laundry monster takes hits, and then it falls back
And your mother attempts to get herself back on track

MOM attempts to join family at table.

Yet just as she tries to sit down on her throne,
A surprise attack comes!

DAD:  Have you seen my phone?

Ah yes, for a mom’s work is never done
Her knowledge, my friends, cannot be outdone!

MOM hands various items to onstage family, in order as explained:

She knows how to find your phone, your keys too.
And even where you left your stuffed emoji poo.

            No, I say this now, not because this speech flatters.
She speaks wisely, she teaches faithfully, and watches over family matters

How can it be that your mom has all of this knowledge?
The answer is easy!

DAD:  Your mom goes to college.

            No, the truth is she spends each and every hour
            helping her family.  Why, that’s her superpower!

MOM puts lunch bags in everyone’s hands.

            She prepares each of you for the day that you face
            And somehow she does it with a smile on her face

            It stays there because of the love that she’ll share
            Yet how many of us stop?  How many of us care?

MOM scoots family on their way off stage.

            You go on your way.  Do you give it much thought?
            About the things that she does, and the things you do not?

            So let us be plain.  Yes, the answer is clear.  Oh,
            every day of the year, your mom is a hero!

LAUNDRY MONSTER starts to rise again behind DAWN

            She selflessly battles to make your life good
            Sometimes all alone!  So do what you should!

FAMILY returns and beats down LAUNDRY MONSTER, to DAWN’S SUPRISE

            A mother does so much, and it must be addressed!
            Her children rise up, and call her blessed.

CHILDREN hand her flowers, coffee mug.  DAD reads from BIBLE.

DAD:  “Many women do excellent things,  but you are better than all the others.”

            Yes, that’s from the Bible.  And it’s true of all mothers!

            So is this:  Charm can fool you.  And beauty fades.
But a woman who has respect for the Lord should be praised.

Yes, honor your mother.  It’s a challenging career.
Not just on this one day.  But each day through the year.


It was a pretty solid morning.  We used music from the soundtrack of "The Incredibles," and it made the whole thing really... well, super.

We got home and did some catch up with piano, and yes, Madison is getting better and better with Pachelbel.  Less than a week to go, and she's probably making inner vows to never play that song again!

Tonight we read some more from Carina Smyth's adventures, along with a bit from our Superhero devotional:  tonight's entry was on Cyborg.  And speaking of superheroes, we introduced Madison to this:

The hideous bunny.  This was a great doll in the movie "Ant-Man," a movie that Madison really liked.  Mom made this request for this movie, as it had to fall under the superhero genre, and she liked this movie.  Madison did too!

We did our best to take care of Mommy today, bringing her tea and whatever she needed.  Just the little things.  But ultimately, a hug and those sweet words from Madison that come from the heart are all a mommy needs.

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