Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fish Slap Man

Madison has gotten to see a lot of filming over the week, as we add different videos to the SX17 collection.  Above, you can see Fish Slap Man, a random superhero video that we've made up.  The original idea was to have him on a team of superheroes somewhat like the Avengers or the Justice League.  Along with Fish Slap Man, there's Lobster Claw, and Super Nose.  All of them have lame powers - or are they?  Judge for yourself, with this screen capture of Fish Slap Man in action.

One of Madison's hobbies in between helping us out is weaving god's eyes, something she's made about four or five of today.  She's been blending different colors together, and pretty pleased with the results.

Tonight, we watched "The Avengers" again, although our movie watching is about to become amazingly limited given the amount of work that is ahead of us.  It was still good to sit down and watch a movie together, although yes, we just watched it a few weeks ago.  Madison really liked it, which of course is good.  Because we're Marvel Comics people, and not quite DC Comics people yet.    Although Wonder Woman may start to change that.  We'll see that next week, probably after Summer Xtreme.

When Madison wasn't doing weaving, she was coloring and making graphics for the upcoming week.  She has poster board, and wanted to make signs to hold up, talking about how great her team is.  She's excited about the Cyber Team.  This year, the fourth grade team are the "Cybers," which is a mix between Iron Man and Cyborg.  She's already getting into the spirt of things, ready to cheer her team on like a good little cybernetic cheerleader!

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