Monday, May 15, 2017


Construction continues on Dawsonville Highway's bridge.  Daddy and Madison got caught in traffic here, waiting for the construction crews to move heavy machinery across the road just past the bridge.  This has been going on a short while, and it's amazing how fast it's all coming along.  The weather of course has been favorable for this sort of thing, but it's still impressive how quickly a large scale bridge can go up.

It was our last ballet class today, ending the season with another long session.  The girls were getting as much down as they possibly could, rehearsing time and again for the recital upcoming.  It has been a great year, a year of growth, but also a year of lots and lots of dancing.

So it was the last ballet practice today, but it was also a day of firsts!  Madison tried her first bit of teriyaki beef jerky this afternoon, mainly because Daddy had a free coupon for some.  I had no idea she'd actually try it, and was surprised when she said she liked it.  Daddy said it was a Japanese flavor, and she said she probably liked it because she was Chinese.  Yes, that makes all the sense in the world.

Madison got her yearbook today, adding to her collection.  No signatures in it yet - that comes later on this week.  But she's in it a few times, and was quite happy to get another book to look through.  She loves to look through all these books, so much so that perhaps some day she'll be on a yearbook staff.  Daddy was on the yearbook staff for the final two years - it was quite an honor.

Perhaps that's where Madison's love of yearbooks comes.  She has them piled up, and likes to go through them from time to time.  By the time she gets to high school, she'll have quite the collection! Daddy doesn't have anything from elementary school. Just one thing from 7th grade, a small booklet I think.  And then there are the high school books from White County.  Mommy has three out of four from her high school experience.  We'll have to share these with Madison!

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