Friday, May 5, 2017

Good night, Ned!

It is Cinco de Mayo again, and we were ready to celebrate tonight with tacos - again - and a showing of the classic movie, "The Three Amigos."  Madison has not seen this movie yet, and it's a classic.  This is really one of Daddy's favorite comedies, so simple and so dumb sometimes, but we still laugh at it.  The campfire scene followed by the singing bush scene are lots of fun!

We've had this sombrero on her head just about every year now.  Here's an early picture of her celebrating, about to serenade us like a mariachi player:

Time flies.  We didn't have as much time today for other activities.  Madison is doing well in school, as always, and is excited about the idea of not having anymore homework - except for her science project, of course.  She's been studying a lot about sea turtles lately, which is really fun for her, and of course we're thinking of the summer camp she'll be attending soon at Daytona, where she'll be seeing more sea turtles up close.

Speaking of turtles, that was Madison's favorite part of "Three Amigos."  At the end of the campfire scene, there's a little turtle there that bobs his head in time with the music playing.  And he looks to the others as they're all saying "goodnight," and can't resist.  He tells one of the Amigos, "Good night, Ned!"

And that's a good place to say goodnight here as well...

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