Friday, May 19, 2017

Turtle Research

Madison's science project is getting out of hand!  Not really, but today we had to spend a good deal of time laying the thing out on poster boards.  Madison is the one who is doing all the research - she filled out all these note cards today to help her with her presentation, although she could tell you everything she knows by heart.  She knows more about sea turtles than the average human being, a real regular marine biologist.  Seriously, she's been watching a lot of videos, and we even made a video too:

This is a turtle Madison drew, and what we did was put a QR code on the turtle's shell that can be scanned.  Go ahead and try it! 

We'll have about six or seven of these turtles with different QR codes on them, each leading the science project visitor to a different video about sea turtles, about the Washed Ashore project, about the size of leatherback turtles, about turning lights down at night on the beach, and other things that are related to the project.

You'll see the finished product soon enough.  The slide show that the QR code above leads you to was from a visit last summer at Daytona Shores, when once again, Madison got to watch sea turtles crawl out of their nest, and march to the ocean.

So today was mostly this.  It'll take a few more days to wrap up the project, but it's due on Monday, and that will be that.  This is the last big thing that Madison has to do as far as homework goes.  It's a bit of fun, but it's also a bit of work:  we'll be glad when it is over.

One more week of fourth grade.  Wow.

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