Saturday, May 13, 2017

Art Exhibit

We dropped by the Women's Center at the North Forsyth Hospital this afternoon to see an art gallery up there.  Madison has a work posted in the art gallery, her "Dog with Sunglasses."  Oddly enough, this isn't our favorite of Madison's works this year - she's done a lot of really great stuff!  But nevertheless, it's an honor to have her work hanging up anywhere.

It was nice to visit, and while in the Cumming area, we did a number of other things, like this here:

This was actually Madison's first Marvel movie in the theater, "Guardians of the Galaxy 2."  In retrospect, we might have waited a little longer on this one if we knew it had as much language in it as it did.  Much of it went straight over her head, perhaps just like it went over our heads when we were watching similar movies as kids.  She enjoyed the movie, obviously because of this character most of all:

"I am Groot."  This is Madison's favorite scene from the movie, one we've all seen countless times in the movie trailers.  She was still laughing at this scene in the theater.  Which still had a good number of people in it, by the way.  The theater has changed hands, with new ownership once more, so our Carmike card is toast.  This new place does have a new popcorn bucket, one with Wonder Woman on it.  So we'll try them out for a bit.  But the movie theater experience just gets more and more pricy.  You'd think with all these ads before the movie that there'd be some help with the cost.  But no, this is the new norm.  We've broken the glass ceiling!

We did a bit of shopping today in Cumming, looking for props for Madison's science project, and also some props for the Mother's Day play tomorrow.  It's going to be a fun skit honoring our mothers, while keeping to the superhero theme.  Details tomorrow, I'm sure.

The clouds were heavy this morning, and all day long.  We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back, and got the new Guardians of the Galaxy Blizzard flavor - the "Guardians Awesome Mix."  It was tasty!  By the way, this was not the Dairy Queen destroyed in the movie.

Madison and Mommy went out to do some shopping after this, getting some things for Mommy for her big day tomorrow at the Disney Store, and at Home Depot.  Mommy wanted a new hanging pot of flowers for the front porch.  And of course, there was a stop for Sodapalooza on the way home too.

It was a good day today overall, a fun one with a hint of summer in the air.  In just a few weeks, we'll be past Memorial Day and really into the summer months.  It'll be the kind of day you roll down your windows, look out at Mr. Blue Sky, and say, "I am Groot."

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