Sunday, May 7, 2017

Doc Ock

Madison is here, posing with Dr. Octopus, who we all know went to four years of Octopus College to get that title.  This morning, we had the start of our latest "Superheroes" series, which actually began with a message about great power and great responsibility.  That being said, of course we had Spider-man here.

And that's the sort of thing that makes everything all better.  It was a good start to a great new series, and it's always good to have Dr. Octopus with you.  Spider-Man was on stage a few moments, and we were using the Wisenheimer invention to find out what superpowers a kid would most likely have.  Some of these started out with great strength, and then graduated to the power of doing all your homework in under two minutes, and then moving on to something like picking your nose without anyone ever seeing it.  And then finally picking someone else's nose without them seeing it.

It was a fun morning, with a great message:  with great power comes great responsibility.  Here's that memory verse in case you're interested:

“God was bringing the world back to Himself through Christ. He did not hold people's sins against them. God has trusted us with the message that people may be brought back to Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:19 NIrV 

We got home after that, and did a bit of work.  For Madison, that involved piano practice.  I can't emphasize how much she's been practicing for this piano recital as of late.  It's been over and over and over again, playing "Pachelbel's Canon in D."  She knows she still has to work on some aspects of it, and gets frustrated with herself so easily.  But she's doing better and better each time she plays.  This is just a more complicated tune, that's all.

She's also been doing some sea turtle research.  We've been looking up videos and so forth, watching about pollution, the Sargasso Sea, the lifecycle of turtles, and even a few recordings people made of their experience at EPCOT with Crush the Sea Turtle.  I imagine he'll make his way into this project, sure enough.

Madison took a nice long bath this afternoon, and after that, we played some games for a bit.  Madison is in the heroes mindset, so it was LEGO Avengers today.  At one point, we were both playing as Dr. Octopus - Daddy was the old school version, and Madison was using the new Ultimate Spider-Man version.  Lots of tentacles.

Mommy made that Dr. Octopus costume when "Spider-man 2" came out several years ago.  The tubes are pretty much vacuum cleaner tubes, and the trench coat was from Goodwill.  The claws for the tentacles came from Burger King.  At the time, Burger King has these different "Spider-man 2" toys in promoting the movie.  So Mommy attached the claws to the tubing, and painted it all the gold color you see in the picture above.  The rest of the outfit is easy, including the wig and sunglasses.  The one thing not seen so well in the picture above are the bits of fishing wire used to hold up two of the claws.  These are attached to the sleeves, so that when the arms move, the tentacled arms move as well.  It's a neat-looking costume!

Tonight we finished the "Descendants" book, "Return to the Isle of the Lost."  We gave ourselves more time to read tonight, because we knew the temptation to read it to the finish would be there.  And it was.  Madison's nightly pleading of "one more chapter," was answered tonight, as we kept reading until the end.  It was a decent book, a little like the last one, and mainly just some place nice to meet some of Madison's favorite characters again.  There's another book coming up this month, but there's another birthday coming up too, so I imagine we'll be seeing the next book soon.

We read from our devotional tonight, the first entry about the Avenger Hawkeye.  It's fifty-seven days long, each day dedicated to a different hero.  This will be a fun one.  We're shifting from Neverland to Heroes, and we're doing it at the house as well.

It was time for prayers, and it was time for bed.  It was a good day today, a good start to a new series, and another full day!

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