Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last Piano Class

And here we are on the last piano class with the Funderful World of Music.  Technically, it is.  We may have a year's worth of post-graduate classes to come.  At least, that's the hope of the students involved.  But today was a day to celebrate, as this group had come through quite a few years of classes.  Madison's first appearance in this room was way back during a music camp on June 28, 2010.  And now here we are at the end of the journey. 
     There were still things to learn, and still lessons to share before going on to the fun stuff.  Mrs. Pam was showing the students about major scales and finger spacing.  And soon after that, they went to the room next door to do an obstacle course themed after Aladdin's adventures.

This is Madison on a "flying carpet."  There was a Cave of Wonders to roll through, and plenty of other music-related puzzles to solve before getting to the end.  It was fun for all the kids, a traditional little party to celebrate the end of the year.  They all couldn't wait to have fun.  But then at the end, there's this bittersweet moment where they realize it is the end.  The class handed a picture to Mrs. Pam, a group photo from the last recital, one where all the children signed their names on the white matting around the photo.  We said our thank-you's, and we said our goodbyes as well.  And just like that, we were off and away.  Madison is hoping, as are all the others, that this is just a goodbye for the summer.  Each has a song they must learn over the summer - Madison chose from "Amazing Grace" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," so soon she'll hear from Mrs. Pam as to which one to play.

We went home today, and it was Taco Tuesday of course.  Daddy is working towards Summer Xtreme, and all the other aspects of our services as well.  We have videos to film and a ton of other activities to plan.  One step at a time.

Later on tonight when Daddy got home, the whole family sat down for several rounds of dominoes.  This is becoming a mandatory tradition.  Madison loved it.  She was so excited to play dominoes, especially the round she won.

     We went to bed a little later tonight, but it was fun.  Nana and Ba-Ba will be with us one more day, and we're glad they came up for the ballet recital.  It's been raining a lot since they've gotten here, including a massive storm that just came through tonight.  We need the rain, that's for sure.

No more mandatory television to watch tonight.  It would be smart to get some rest.  The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy...!

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