Friday, May 12, 2017

Superheroes Field Day

The annual field day was today, this one with a great theme that we just so happen to be doing at church:  superheroes.  Yep, superheroes.  Here above you can see Madison with her teacher Mrs. Clark, who was herding the kids from station to station, doing all the different activities and games at each place.  The usual stuff was there, like the inflatable slide:

And also the tug-o-war:

Madison's side won this battle, and it was initially looking like that wasn't going to happen based on the size of the kids on each side.  Also, there seemed to be a lot more boys on the other side.  Regardless, this side literally pulled it out and won the match to great celebration!

Here they are in a weird celebration.  The kids are always ready for a goofy pose, so much more so than a straight, simple, smile-at-the-camera sort of pose.  Right?  And yes, you see a Stormtrooper in the back there, and if you look close enough, you can see Iron Patriot back there as well.  Here's Madison with the Stormtrooper:

It's always nice to see a Stormtrooper around, especially this friendly one here, who just might be from the 501st Legion.  Perhaps.  Regardless, it was great for him to come, both him and the Iron Patriot.

There were some great superhero-themed events today, including a Captain America shield toss, and this one below, a Mjölnir toss!

Evidently Madison was worthy.  She hoisted up the mighty Mjölnir, and hurled it skyward for distance and power.  The kids had so much fun.  You can tell by looking at this final group photo the kids posed for, one where the kids were all holding superhero props.

Daddy went to work right after this, and Madison of course was back in class for a short time.  It was longer work day for Daddy, and when Madison got home she was back practicing her piano, hitting those keys better and better.

It rained a lot tonight, which was a great thing for us and a reminder of how the storms were supposed to be earlier today, and should have rained on the field day.  But they were delayed for us, and that was great for the kids.  It was fun day!

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