Thursday, May 25, 2017

End of the School Year Party

Perhaps in honor of the upcoming pirate movie, the Tooth Fairy did a pirate-themed thing last night.  When Madison woke up, there was a dotted line (that you can see above), one that led from her bed, out her bedroom and to the X that marked the spot.  It was there that she found a small bag with coins from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, along with a few other coins.  She was pretty excited about that, because this week, it's all about the big movie coming out soon.

Only two days left of Fourth Grade.  Today was the End of the School Year Party, which had this big Harry Potter theme to it.  The kids had snacks, and Daddy came along to take pictures as well.  Here's Madison and a few others watching the slide show that has pictures from earlier in the year in it.

It was so good, all the kids wanted to watch it again:

Daddy manned a Photo Booth set up against one wall of the classroom, and took pictures of all the kids in Madison's class, each wearing different Harry Potter-themed items.  Here are three of them, including Madison of course.

Yes, Daddy took individual shots of all the students.  Here's Madison's picture by herself.  She chose a wand and a broom.

From there, Daddy left the school - and Madison went off to lunch, and then a few other assemblies where the kids watched parts of a movie, I think it was a Harry Potter movie too.  But Daddy had to go off to Madison's cousin's graduation:

Jonathan graduated today, and that required a trek down to the Gwinnett Arena once more.  Yes, it was a full day.  Ray and Valerie came down from Kentucky, and it was a great time for everyone to get together.  Mommy couldn't make it because someone had to be there when Madison got off the school bus.  But the graduation went well, and now we have two of Aunt Shain's kids out of school.  Jonathan is probably going to UNG this fall.  That's in Dahlonega, what we used to call North Georgia College.  It's now Dahlonega University of Georgia, or DUNG for short.

Yeah, that's not exactly the best acronym.

When Daddy got home, we played some games for a bit - Pirates of the Caribbean, of course.  She's excited about the movie.  She was Jack Sparrow, and Daddy was Davy Jones.  We spent the night trying to shoot at each other from long distances, and then it was off to bed for a devotional entry, prayers, and a good night's rest!

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