Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Field Trip to the Stars

Above is a little handout that Daddy made for our Spider-man series.  I had to use the NKJV because we have several extra NKJV Bibles that were donated to us, so we had them in the classroom so that kids could continue to learn to look up scriptures.  It went well tonight, as Daddy has been training up other volunteers to become teachers as well.  Tonight featured a volunteer speaking about great power and great responsibility, and it went well.

Today was Madison's last enrichment class of 4th grade, the last art class of the year.  She took home her pizza, and it looked great!  This was that clay pizza that she's since painted, and it looks good enough to eat!

The other big thing that she did today was a field trip to Dahlonega's planetarium.  She got to go to the University of North Georgia there, just up the road, and she enjoyed it.  There was a presentation obviously about the stars and seasons, and it was pretty cool.  Madison has been to a planetarium before, maybe two years ago?  It was the one in Cartersville, and it was a great presentation on the universal aspect of the stars, how they're the same here as they are across the world.  Today's presentation was good too, according to Madison.  In fact, we may be going back some time soon as well.  Planetariums are fun, and speaking of stars, we continued our reading about Carina Smyth tonight, who apparently is an astronomer.  Also, she may be related to a famous certain pirate that we know and love.  Madison and Daddy have a big suspicion that Carina is the daughter of Captain Hector Barbossa, but we'll have to continue our reading to see if this bears out, or maybe we'll find something out in the movie.  Regardless, Madison and Mommy are hooked.  We've been all-ahead-full when it comes to reading pirate-themed books lately, and there will probably be more as we continue.

Tonight, Mommy has been doing her prep for another colonoscopy tomorrow morning.  The prep part is awful.  With Mommy it is more awful than others though, as her digestive system is in a perpetual state of delicate balance.  This does her no favors.  Fortunately, tomorrow's procedure is a routine one, something recommended to all colon cancer survivors.  Tomorrow morning after dropping Madison off at school, we'll go to the hospital.  I think it will all be okay.

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