Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Each year we've been heading over to Nana and Ye-Ye's house for a Memorial Day feast, and today was no different.  Despite the craziness of the schedule, we were all able to stop and spend time with the family today, heading over to spend time together.  There was plenty of crab, corn, salads, and the usual summer holiday fare.  And it was great to see everyone again.  It was nice to spend time together at the house, and it was nice to head out together on the high seas after that, because yes, we went to see the Pirates movie again, "Dead Men Tell No Tales."  We haven't seen a movie twice in some time, but Madison wanted to see this one again, plus there was the added bonus of seeing it with the family.  So off to the high seas we went together, taking up a large portion of that back row and watching Jack Sparrow and company go on another adventure.

It was a relaxing day, although a very filling one - some of us ate too much!  Later on, Madison and Daddy were playing LEGO Avengers once again, so we weren't exactly productive.  And that's okay.

It's been an odd holiday the last decade or so.  We do remember the meaning of the holiday, but usually more significantly on Sundays, as we gear our messages and other aspects of the service towards what Memorial Day is all about.  Memorial Day itself, however, is a day where we generally don't do much at all.  It's probably fatigue, mixed with the task of spending time with family, which is of course important.  But the other things most people associate with the unofficial beginning of summer' are lost on us, as we just don't have time for them yet.  There is no time for going on the lake or trips to the mountains or picnics or whatever.  We'll do that later.  Memorial Day just means that we've got a busy, busy week ahead of us.

Regardless of that looming notion, when the cares and stresses related are tossed aside, the day itself was enjoyable.  Madison certainly loved it - how can you not love a day full of family and pirates?

It was a good day for us, and as a bonus, we all went to bed early.  It's now the first week of summer vacation for Madison, and this one will be somewhat dull compared to the later ones.  It's a week of xtreme preparations, one where she'll be helping around the office.  But it's also one where there are no piano practices, ballet classes, homework assignments or ringing alarms at 6:00 am.  She'll love that!

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