Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Day of Fourth Grade

What a fun moment!  Daddy came home from work just long enough to join the ambush of the school  bus.  All the kids got off, and immediately faced the onslaught of water balloons and squirt gun fire.  Mommy was up there in the lead, as all the neighborhood parents filled buckets with water balloons, ready to pelt anyone who dared step off that bus!

Madison and a few other kids made a break for it, but nobody could avoid it all.  And they didn't want to either - it quickly escalated to an all-out battle, with everyone getting soaked.

It was a fun idea one of the other parents had, and a great way to celebrate the last day of school.  We have a lot of kids getting off the bus, and every day most of the parents wait here to walk back home with them.  Here's a group shot of the neighborhood kids, after all the water balloons were launched.

As it was the last day, we did have a report card today - it was amazing.  Madison did so well this year, and we're so very proud of her.  She got all A's, of course, winding up on the honor roll again.  And her grades were all solid:  she even wound up with a 100 average in Language Arts.  She studies hard, and really tries to do the best she can.  And yeah, it helps that she's naturally a pretty smart girl. We're again very proud of her.

Tonight's flick was "Iron Man 2," which Madison has not seen before.  Now she knows about Whiplash, and the first appearance of Black Widow in the movies, as well as War Machine too.  It's a better movie than it gets credit for, which can be said for all of the sequel Marvel movies, if you think about it.  Lots of Easter eggs in there.  Madison enjoyed the movie, especially with a bit of popcorn on the side.

For now, it's time for bed.  We have lots of things going on, all Summer Xtreme for the time being.  The first week of June is that week you just try to brace yourself for - we do so much, and try to plan for all kinds of worst case scenarios.  Of course, you pray as well.  We've got a prayer meeting coming up, and it's going to be all about having the best SX17 possible.  I believe it will be.

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