Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dead Me Tell No Tales

We have a long and glorious history of dressing up as pirates to go see the "Pirates" movies, and that continued today.  Although Daddy was not necessarily in full garb (hat, pirate shirt, and pirate socks only today), Madison was in her full Angelica costume for the big event.  Angelica was not in this movie though.

We saw the 11:00 am showing today, opting to watch the movie before setting out on the day, and it was a good choice.  The theater was as full as later showings, although there were a surprisingly large amount of people there.  Yes, we were the only pirates to show up.  Madison even brought some of her change from the Tooth Fairy's pirate visit the other day.

Anyway, the three of us enjoyed the movie, even despite the fact that we knew what was coming for a bit of it.  Reading the book ahead of time actually enhanced some of the characters somewhat.  It was just good to see all the pirates back in action again, even a few that missed the last movie.  The theory about pirate movies is simply this:  add two points to your rating score if the movie involves pirates.  Therefore, if you rate the movie a seven out of ten, if there are pirates involved, suddenly the movie becomes a nine.  That being said, the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie gets a rating of twelve out of ten.  This movie gets a ten out of ten.  We were happy to see resolution to the whole Will and Elizabeth thing, after a decade of pirate misery.  Finally, closure!  It was a little late, but better late than never.

Sure, there's the whole post-credits thing that suggests there's something more.  And the thought of it involving Davy Jones made us laugh out loud.  But even if there isn't another movie, we have our closure about Will and Elizabeth, about the Black Pearl too.

Moving on, we enjoyed the movie together.  And then we were off to work!  Daddy was preparing his message for tomorrow, and there were plenty of other things to do, such as writing these scripts for Summer Xtreme.  We spent much of the rest of the day doing just that, ordering costumes, making costumes, writing scripts, creating images on keynotes, finding musical tracks, creating printed items to hand out, and so on.  Our Parent Meeting for Summer Xtreme is tomorrow, and we wanted to have that all set up as well, with bags for each child filled with t-shirts, information sheets, treats and a wrist band.  That wrist band gets you into places, gets you food and so forth.  Madison will be wearing it all week, plus the t-shirt.  There's plenty to do, which explains the repetitive nature of this blog this week.  Work, work, work.  It's going to be a great week though, and today certainly started out well with one more voyage with Captain Jack Sparrow.

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