Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Firing Off the Canon

Here's Mrs. Pam, giving Madison a few pointers on how to play her piano recital piece.  She had to play it today, and did well after so many practices.  She still has many practices to go, but she's really turned it around and is doing very well with this one.  Who knew that Pachelbel's Canon in D was more challenging than some of those other tunes.  It doesn't sound so complicated, but that right hand is all up and down the keyboard.  And the left hand doesn't repeat quite the same all the time, so that sort of throws you off.

Nevertheless, she's having a great time with piano class.  There's an inquiry out there for interest in another year, and Madison says yes, she'd like to do it.  We'll see how it goes with the rest of the class, if they want to as well.  I think most do.  They really enjoy the class, and Mrs. Pam is a very effective teacher.

Today is Ye-Ye's birthday, so after Sodapalooza, we dropped by their house to give them birthday wishes.  We stayed for a while.  Both were out in the back, fixing up the yard and doing some landscaping, which of course is what they love to do.  We'll have an official celebration in time, one that is typically coupled with Mommy's birthday, which of course is also coming up.  

It was a day to clean house - the basement was getting cleaned up quite a bit.  It was also Taco Tuesday, so the miniature taco trucks were out again, carrying tacos to fill.  We were writing "Heroes" stuff, and getting ready for the new series that starts this Sunday.  Yes, no more Neverland for a while.  

But the biggest thing about today would be the memory of nine years ago now.  Nine years ago, we saw Madison's face for the first time.  It was the day that we got nothing done in the office, the day we waited by the phones and computers to get an email and a call that would change everything.  It was the day we'd see our daughter for the first time ever.  

It was the afternoon, and although certain details become fuzzy over time, I can remember the precise location, the exact desk and the email, and all of it.  I remember talking to Mommy over the phone, who was at home also looking at the picture.  She was crying.  We both were happy of course, and there's this amazing emotional energy that just fills you up so fast, like one of those Diet Coke bottles that gets a few Mentos dropped in it suddenly.  You're bubbling over with excitement and energy, and we were telling everyone and anyone who would listen.  We were going to be parents!  It was a wonderful, wonderful day.  And now it's nine years ago, which is amazing to think about.  We waited for so long for that one day, especially when you consider Mommy's battle with cancer the two years prior to this.  But it all worked out in the end, didn't it?  

Yes it did.

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