Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another tooth?

Yes, Madison lost another tooth today.  They just keep popping out!  We'll have to see what the Tooth Fairy brings her tomorrow - it seems she's been to this house for quite a few visits!

Daddy came home today to visit Nana and Ba-Ba one last time before they left to go home, and together we had dinner together.  Daddy had soup, which seems to be one of the last few foods left on this earth that doesn't turn his stomach upside down.  Madison has been having a great week, with all that's going on.  Daddy, in the meantime, was working on SX17 and tonight's Superman message, which went really well in class.  We showed clips from "Superman Returns," which make you want to go back and watch the "Superman" movies with Christopher Reeve.  Surely nostalgia paints these as better movies than they really are, but perhaps not - we'll go back and check them out.

The weather is cooler this week, ironically again because Ba-Ba and Nana are here from Florida without any cooler weather wear.  The last time they were up here, this happened.  There was a dip in the temperature, and everyone was a bit shocked.  Here we are in late May, and it is happening again, where the high temperature is in the low 70's.  It's actually just right if you ask me!

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