Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hashtag Hashtag

This is the busy season, the time we are gearing up in a major way for Summer Xtreme.  There is still so much to be done, yet nevertheless, this morning we squeezed in a bit of time to go to the library to kick off the summer reading program.  Madison has been involved in this for quite a few years now, so much so that the librarian knows her very well.

Madison enjoys going to the library.  You can see her above reading a book while in line for a performance.  That performance, by the way, was part of an act called "Barely Balanced," something Madison saw last year.

The performer came as part of a Summer Reading Kick-Off Carnival, and just like last year, he was really good with the kids, and of course really good with the acts that he did, from stilts, Chinese yo-yo, and all sorts of balancing acts as well.

This is the same yo-yo that was used by those villains in that James Bond movie.  Okay, not really.  But he did use it like a Chinese yo-yo, and spun it fast enough to cut that carrot hanging out of his mouth.  Yes, it's unsafe.  Because the carrot has clearly not been washed off.

Afterwards, we went over to work.  Here's Madison wearing part of one of the costumes that Mommy has been working on - these are costumes for the henchmen that work for Hashtag Hashtag, our new Summer Xtreme super villain.  You'll hopefully see pictures of these next week, as that's when we get started, but for now, here's the picture of just the hat:

It was a day of lots of work.  Madison was right there in the middle of it, cutting out a huge stack of items for a few hours for the pre-kindergarten ministry down the hall.  Her hands were tired from all the cutting with scissors, but she kept at it!

Tonight we had our now annual prayer service for the upcoming week of Summer Xtreme.  It was a special service, with very special prayers and a few words spoken over each one of the staff members.  This came as a surprise, but there was a word of knowledge for Daddy about getting "a new engine" so that he could hit the ground running just as hard as he did when we first started this m ministry.  Between that and the physical ailments of late, it was the right word for the right time.

And more importantly, the prayers for Summer Xtreme were strong, an invitation for God to do something amazing with this upcoming week.  There's plenty of work that we have to do in setting up, but the most important ingredient of all is having our Heavenly Father in the mix.  That's when the week goes from ordinary... to Xtreme!

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