Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jazz Portrait

Daddy stopped by the portrait studio to pick up Madison's jazz picture, and it turned out great.  She looks really good here, and of course she loves that outfit.  We can't wait to get this one framed, and then we'll add it to the others.

This is somewhat of a tradition for us - we drop Madison off at art camp, and drive a block down the street to pick up the dance portrait from the spring recital.  Madison's art class today was fun for her - she was working on stained glass artwork, or at least something set to resemble a stained glass window.  The way she described what she was doing, Mommy knew right away what she was doing. It'll be fun to see that one on Friday when we get to see all the artwork accumulated over the course of the week.  

Today, Madison was at work with Daddy for a bit:

You can see her in the Quinlan t-shirt.  She's been wearing one of those every day this week, as art can get messy!  She was helping everyone out a bit today, as Daddy has been writing, writing, writing a new booklet for the new series "Superflix."  Almost there.  The gimmick to this one is that the devotional and sermon booklet are combined.  We do a message about a movie like "Sky High," and then for the next six days after that, there are nightly devotional entries related to that particular movie.  Multiply that times four, and then a bonus message.  With movies like "Big Hero 6" and "The Incredibles," it's easy to find messages with all the characters in that movie.  It's also easy for "Sky High," believe it or not.  And frankly, it's a little more enjoyable for Daddy, as he's writing devotional entries for characters like Zach and Magenta.  

Anyway, folks are getting ready for the Forward Conference, and there's a possible tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico that hopefully won't mess with things.  We did quite a bit today, including piano practice and also some speech practice.  And then it was time for a movie:  the next movie in the series was "Captain America:  Winter Soldier."  We got the popcorn ready and enjoyed a nice, long Marvel flick tonight.  Madison enjoyed it, although Daddy was flinching a few times at how many rounds of ammunition were being fired throughout.  Still, most of the characters made it through, right?  She knows Bucky has a bit to go in order to be redeemed, and Falcon was pretty awesome in this movie.  And yes, she loves Natasha Romanoff.  

We went to bed later tonight, still going on our superheroes devotional, and still going on the Squirrel Girl book.  It appears as if there is a nemesis about to show up.  But we all know what happens to anyone who faces Squirrel Girl...

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