Saturday, June 3, 2017

Helping Daddy Write

We had our Summer Xtreme Volunteer Meeting this morning, which was something we do each year to prepare volunteers new and old for our upcoming week with the kids.  We had a big turnout, which was interesting because the auditorium is only so big and our volunteers actually took up a good amount of seats themselves!  Above you can see Madison squeezing in with some of the actors for our the upcoming series, the same ones that have been with us all along for the last few years on the KidPak stage.

Today, everyone was working hard throughout the day to organize sheets of paper, costumes, game props for our traditional large scale games - and all the other things that go into Summer Xtreme.  Along the way, Daddy decided it would be fun to do a new skit tomorrow, so we sat down to write it: Madison and Daddy.  The two of us worked on this idea together, mainly because Madison really likes Mad-libs and wanted to do one again.  So we wrote one together, and based it on the message tomorrow, a message about Ant-Man, and about serving others.

It should come out great, and in fact we may share this tomorrow.  For now though, it's back to work. Lots and lots and lots to do, and just two more days to go until the event of the summer...

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