Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pottery Class

Madison's first pottery class of the summer was today, and she had so much fun.  She made a small "fairy door."  Or in her mind, it's more of a "squirrel door," considering that she's been so in the Squirrel Girl adventures lately.  Regardless, it turned out really well.  It just needs to dry over the next week, and then she can paint it with the paints that her teacher sent home with her.  All the kids get paint to take home with them afterwards, and they'll get some more tomorrow for the next class, with whatever it is that they are making.

As for her art camp, it was fun too.  She was working on her creation from a few days prior, as it has now dried.  I think she was painting her cat face, and using all kinds of wild colors with it.  We'll see how it turns out!  While she was painting, she noticed her teacher had all kinds of music in the background, including tunes from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack.  Most notably, there was theme song to "The Kraken."  She remembered this one specifically enough to request that we listen to it again in the car.  If you know anything about this tune, it's kind of funny that Madison would make this request.  Also, it's funny that her art teacher has this playing while kids are painting colorful cat faces and so on.  No judgment here though:  we're big pirates fans, as you can tell just from reading any of this.

Tonight, Madison got to go to KidPak again!  It's summer, and therefore there's no school to get up extra early for.  This morning, we had the alarm set for 7:30 am, and that's sleeping in!

Our theme was "Quicksilver" tonight, as we were talking about Elijah and being quick to choose, quick to obey, and quick to believe.  Daddy thought it would be fun to have a game show where kids did a quiz bowl sort of thing, seeing who could be the quickest to ring a bell, and answer a question the fastest.

The kids really got into it.  We had small groups, and in third grade, it was boys versus girls.  Girls won, but it was really, really close.  Of course, Madison is not in Daddy's class anymore.  Sniff, sniff. But she had a really good time tonight.  We got home pretty late though, and only had enough time to read a small entry from Squirrel Girl, and yes, the devotional too.  It was a great, full day today!

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