Thursday, June 22, 2017

Playing Koi

So Cindy showed up tonight, but this was not any one person.  It was a tropical storm with arms that stretched out across Louisiana, Alabama, and as far as Georgia tonight.  These bands of storms lashed out at us, and we know from previous gulf impacts that although the most significant damage is usually where the storm makes landfall, there's still a lot of danger for the rest of us.  Take for example when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana a few years ago.  That storm system spawned a tornado that hit downtown Helen, destroying the amusement park that Daddy had worked a few years at.  The Ferris wheel was twisted as if it were made of pipe cleaners.

So tonight there were tornado warnings - not tornado watches.  A warning means there is in fact a tornado.  And there were warnings all over the place in North Georgia.  There was a slight unease over the evening, but we knew we'd be okay through it all.

For one, the Forward Conference started tonight.  Our church's big event was taking place in Gwinnett County, with all kinds of outdoor activities - and none of them really affected.  One county over, there was an actual tornado spinning northward.  Many of the participants in the conference probably had no idea!

Madison had art camp again today, and her pottery camp continued as well.  This afternoon, she brought home a few sculptures she made out of clay - they were koi fish.  She made two of them, her own little "Pisces."  They turned out well!  So now on the kitchen island, we have a door, two large koi fish, and a small castle as well.  Madison remembered the larger castle she made last year, and wanted to use her remaining clay to make a third smaller castle.  No problem!

So Forward started off well, and the church here in Gainesville was largely empty.  Daddy spent much of his time working on the booklet, somewhat of a race against time.  The book is turning out well, and he's almost done.  Just a few pages to go, and then proofing and so forth.  It'll be a great new series!

And then we hit August, with what will perhaps be an older series.  We're possibly doing something related to cars, or back to LEGO blocks, or even video game characters.  Stay tuned for that one!

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