Sunday, June 25, 2017

Small Wonder

Here she is, Wonder Woman!  Sure, she's a little small for the part - a small wonder!  But she did so great this morning.  We had a skit on stage, one where Wonder Woman appears to save the day, and she did everything just right while out there, defeating the thug and rescuing the victim from danger.  There were the usual two skits this morning, and she was spot-on for both of them.  It's amazing where we are now, and where we're going of course.  But then also where we've been:  she's getting to be a big girl now.  This morning's service was special.  Camille spoke on a Sunday for the first time, and she was outstanding too.  It was girl power all the way.

We had a full day today.  We got to go swimming after church today, although it was actually a bit cool outside.  There was a slight breeze, and yes, we were sort of shivering at times.  That didn't prevent Madison from wanting to go, and wanting to stay in the pool.  We had fun making whirlpools, practicing snorkeling, and all the regular goofing around we do in the swimming pool.

We have a fairly sizable yellow jacket nest that has appeared in our front yard, in the ground.  Later on, Ye-Ye is coming over with some gasoline.  We told Madison about the nature of our attack, how it'll be a sneak attack.  She told us it would be just like the Battle of Trenton.  To which we agreed wholeheartedly!

So we've seen the first negative affect of these Marvel movies on Madison.  She actually said something by accident that she wasn't supposed to.  In her defense, she was explaining that a character said it, and then caught herself, and then rephrased it to "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks."  Who even taught her that one?  Anyway, it's one of those phrases said a lot in these Marvel movies we've been watching lately, and there it is:  scientific evidence about modeling and speech patterns or whatever.  Daddy told her about this one, letting her know that it's something she shouldn't be saying.  Tomorrow night, we'll probably be watching "Age of Ultron" again, and there's more opportunities to talk about things you shouldn't say.  Captain America will see to that.

Tonight's feature presentation made up for a movie we didn't get to see in the theater today.  This afternoon began the "Studio Ghibli Festival," something going on at various theaters throughout the country.  They were playing "My Neighbor Totoro" at the local theater, and it was like $14 per ticket to go, which was a slight hindrance.  But the greater hindrance was the time of the movie:  12:55 pm. We just couldn't swing it, as much as we love the movie.  Once a month for the next several months, all these theaters are going to be playing Miyazaki movies.  Maybe we'll be able to make one.  I know that we'll be going in October for "Spirited Away."  That's Daddy's favorite.

And that's what we saw tonight.  Madison watched it for the first time this evening, and really liked it.  When they are riding on the train at the end, visiting Zeniba... and then Haku shows up.  It was such a delight to watch Madison turn to us and say how nice this movie is.  She really liked it.  And despite No Face's little episode in the bath house, she likes him too, and is glad he found a place to be.

We went to bed reading a bit more from Squirrel Girl's adventures.  It's a continued theme from this morning's message about nobody looking down upon you because you're a girl, or you're different.  It's definitely an empowering sort of book with great positive messages.  The whole family has been enjoying it before bedtime, with maybe a week to go or so.  Bedtime is nice each night, with Madison hiding, with reading, and praying.  It's been a great weekend.

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